Services and Referral Information


Individual assessment and treatment is available for:

  • unclear speech

  • speech delays and disorders

  • late talkers

  • early literacy difficulties

  • stuttering

Referral Information

Who can refer to speech pathology?

  • parents and carers 

  • teachers

  • doctors

  • allied health professionals

What happens when I call to make an appointment?

You can call to make an appointment for an initial assessment. The first appointment is generally for one hour. A further appointment may be required. These are usually for 45 minutes.

What will happen after the assessment?

The results of the assessment and therapy recommendations will be discussed with you. Home practice is generally given at the end of each therapy session, so you can keep up the practice at home too!

Please feel welcome to call if you would like to discuss your concerns.

Deanne Killen Speech Pathology